Get and use your numbers for your benefit. Each person has a unique combination of Name Surname and date of Birth. Detailed study of this leads to knowledge of personalised lucky things and practical use of these lucky things leads to better success.
Applied Numerology :
Basics - Original Hebrew system written before 582 BC. During Pythagoras Era 582 BC – 507 BC he Translated Hebrew language to English, He also simplified Hebrew Numerology know as Pythagoras System. The basic Numerology can be applied in many ways indicated below.
1 New born baby – names
2 New business names – for firms, projects, buildings, brands
3 New partnerships - Working of personal numerology for
4 Lucky no
5 Lucky colors
6 Lucky shapes
7 Lucky dates
8 Lucky day
9 Lucky shirt no for sports person
We can also have possibility of discovery to indicate
10 Lucky fields
11 The another important use of Numerology is for people who think that they have all the skill set required for business OR employment but they are not as successful as expected, Numerology can give guidance for such cases. I am studying Numerology for 30+ years and had a consulting office in Nashik – Maharashtra and have thousands of clients in India and Abroad.