1. Lean Management - There have been many challenges for the businesses. Challenges are faced across all value chain.

Ekam Consultants brings methods of people development to understand and face these challenges in a unique way. Our approach is “WAR AGAINST WASTE”

We analyse business and identify priority area. The difference is we co-create the solutions so as to improve people participation and skill development for employees.

In order to ensure results we do coaching at every step of the process.

2. Table Tennis – The Company is supporting Table Tennis with the approach of “Catch Them Young”.

We are focusing students from age 5 years to 13 Years to learn the game and participate in competitions at all levels.

We want to create learning atmosphere by creating centre of excellence for Table Tennis.

We have experiences from many countries and have made 5 students represent in Nationals.

3. Innovation – we would like to do research and application of basics in the area of Solar Energy and Security Systems.

4. Numerology – we have a unique knowledge in Numerology we have innovated this science into Personalised Numerology. This has many applications in personal and professional life.

We can also analyse current problems and search solutions for the same.