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Solar Energy - DEEPAM Solar Lamp

EKAM Consultants brings a unique multipurpose 5W solar lamp “ DEEPAM ”-“ सौरऊर्जा आपके मुठीं में ” This lamp is small in size and it can fit in your palm, pocket, purse, school bag etc. You can use this as source of light in villages,garden, hostels, Parking, farm houses, on bicycle, on trek, forest walk, Head lamp, etc.

We still have power cuts and availability of power in villages.Not all people have inverters and generators for a power backup. It is essential item in house, office and factory. This can be a good gift.

Kindly send all your enquiries on following mails,

response@ekamconsultants.com or subodh@ekamconsultants.com

Solar Energy Lamp
Deepam Solar Lamp

Deepam Solar Lamp